SHARK Helmets 2020 collection introduces six brand-new models

For the last 30 years, combining innovation, performance, safety, quality and comfort has been the French brand’s mantra. This year, SHARK Helmets is celebrating its 30-year anniversary with the market release of six brand new models, as well as fresh updates to its existing flagship models.

The new helmets, along with a host of revised graphics and replicas that honour the brand’s iconic riders, will be on display at the SHARK Helmets stand at the 2019 EICMA Trade Show in Milan, followed by Motorcycle Live in Birmingham.


Introducing the new SPARTAN GT CARBON and SPARTAN GT; the new reference among GT sport helmets. Following introduction of the SPARTAN Carbon and SPARTAN models, which shook up the Roadster market, SHARK Helmets is extending its line and has created an entire Premium family with the SPARTAN GT CARBON and SPARTAN GT.

The SPARTAN GT, the brand-new fibre composite full-face helmet, features SHARK’s latest innovations and expertise. The combination of fibre and carbon layers, associated with the Multi-Density EPS, offers the highest level of protection. Externally, there’s a fully adjustable and optimised ventilation system with dual air intake chin guard that directs air circulation towards the peak, as well as a dual air extractor that creates a Venturi effect. There’s also ergonomic upper ventilation with an integrated sliding mechanism for optimal grip and convenience.

Inspired by its racing origins, the new VZ 300 visor is derived from the VZ 100 model seen on SHARK’s RACE-R PRO GP line and acclaimed by all SHARK-sponsored racers. To ensure unrivalled optical quality, the cylindrically shaped visor has been designed with a Class 1 optical rating with variable thickness in order to avoid visual distortions regardless of the angle of vision, plus there’s no risk of fog build-up due to the Pinlock Max Vision® film. Thanks to the new innovative side plate mechanism, there’s an all-new, ultra-soft visor notching movement and a new central locking position to improve air intake. The SHARK SKIN side plates serve to avoid the effect of aerodynamic disturbances like wind buffeting, and to reduce noise around the riders’ ears.

Similarly, the interior design has been heavily influenced by the top-of-the-line SHARK racing model. The Spartan GT contains 3D cheek pads that offer optimal fit, comfort and support, whilst the SANITIZED®-labelled ALVEOTECH lining fabric offers enhanced antimicrobial efficiency, free of odour and perspiration, along with a dual breath guard with summer and winter configurations. There’s also the added benefit of the new SHARK Emergency Release System concept, that allows for quick and intuitive removal of the neck and cheek padding in the event of an accident, to make it easier for the helmet to be removed safely.

Available from size XS to XXL.


The SHARK EVO range, the reference within the modular helmet market, has been broadened this year with the release of two new models: the EVO-ES and the EVOJET.

The EVO-ES embodies all of SHARK’s expertise in the design of modular helmets for daily users seeking to enjoy optimal protection whether in the jet or integral position. Equipped with the patented “Auto-up / Auto-down” system, the visor automatically lifts when the rider raises or lowers the chin guard for optimal convenience.

The EVO-ES helmet is available in sizes XS to XL.

The EVOJET is a brand-new model for ultimate urban mobility without sacrificing safety. Meeting the expectations of urban and suburban users looking to benefit from a safety-first helmet with an innovative design, the EVOJET combines the advantages of a jet, modular and integral models all at once. Thanks to the state-of-the-art concept of its chin guard bonded to the visor, riders’ trips are made in completely safety, whether the helmet is in the open or closed position, while enjoying a wide field of vision just like a jet helmet. The chin guard locks onto the helmet shell thanks to a secured hooking system, which can be easily manipulated using just one hand for complete ease of use.

EVOJET’s new aesthetic codes have been inspired by the urban mobility scene: modern, technological, urban and elegant. Its sophisticated appearance and two-tone finish is directly inspired from today’s supercars, making EVOJET the quintessential trendy urban helmet. Its minimalist design has been worked and reworked down to the most minute detail: the entire mechanical system has been carefully concealed behind the side plates for a truly streamlined style.

Internally, the helmet features a MICROTECH lining, composed of AEGIS-labelled recycled fibres that offer unrivalled comfort and consistent support no matter how long the journey. The helmet guarantees rider comfort with continuous ventilation whilst in use with an optimised ventilation system; there’s a chin guard diffuser that distributes air across the width of the visor, whilst the rear air extractor ensures optimal dissipation of heat whilst riding. The EVOJET also features an easy-to-operate internal sun visor.

The EVOJET is available from sizes XS to XL.

Crafted with an innovative design, this new jet helmet has been designed for daily urban trips, as well as longer road trips thanks to its extremely high level of protection. Its shape envelops most of the head ensuring the rider is better protected in comparison to other jet helmets on the market, especially around the cheeks and jaw.

Comfort is also one of the primary advantages inherent in this CITYCRUISER helmet, thanks to a brand-new AEGIS-labelled MICROTECH interior using recycled fibres, plus a top-of-the-line external visor awarded a Class 1 optical rating with variable thicknesses for outstanding visibility quality regardless of the angle of vision. This visor provides for a wide field of vision and has been fitted with an anti-fog system inspired by the SHARK NANO. Two air inlets and two air extractors create a truly dynamic anti-fog system. There’s also an internal sun visor with a chrome-plated finish.

The CITYCRUISER is available from size XS to XL.


Standard issue for all SHARK racers competing on the FIM racing circuit, the RACE-R PRO GP FIM Racing #1 was the world’s first helmet to be awarded the FRHPhe-01 certification across all sizes from XS to XL. As the first FIM-certified helmet to hit the market, it features the latest-generation racing structure COVA RS (Carbon On View & Aramid Racing Structure), along with an optimal level of protection. SHARK Helmets have launched the FIM-homologated helmet in its carbon skin version, presented in an ultra-premium package.


To see the new 2020 collection, visit SHARK Helmets at the EICMA Trade Show in Milan – Hall 24, Stand I 65, or at Motorcycle Live at the NEC, Birmingham, between 16-24 November on the SHARK Helmets UK stand – Hall 3A Stand 3C15.

To locate your nearest SHARK Helmets dealer, visit or call 01425 478936.