2 Ride Holding signs an acquisition agreement with NOLAN group to create a leader in protective equipment for motorcycle and outdoor markets

2 Ride Holding (SHARK, Bering, Bagster, Segura and Cairn) French market leader in motorcycle and outdoor gear and the Italian group Nolan announce the signing of an acquisition agreement.

The alliance of the 2 European companies, underscores their shared desire to better address the world markets together and will permit to continue their geographic expansion.

With 150 million euros of revenues and 1,000 employees, the newly combined group, whose products are distributed in more than 80 countries around the world, will be one of the world leader in protective equipment for motorcycle and outdoor markets.

The transaction, subject to anti-trust regulation, is due to be completed in May 2019.

Patrick François, President of 2 Ride Holding: “We are very happy to welcome NOLAN group within the 2 Ride Holding Group. This association will strengthen our capacity of development of exciting and innovative new products for our markets around the world. NOLAN and SHARK brands and along with their teams share similar values, ie the safety and the protection of our riders whether on motorbikes or other form of transport. Post transaction, all the existing brands of both groups will remain in their markets. We would like to thank Nolan Shareholders for trusting us to accompany Nolan in its near- and long-term future.”

Alberto Vergani, President of Helmet Invest (holding of Nolan group): “In a world of globalization we were thinking to the future of our group and we have found the best partner to continue our leadership on the markets and to maintain our production in Italy. After 26 years from the 1992’ buy out, our group of shareholders were looking for a way out and that one was the best solution for the continuity of our brands. Thanks to all people that have contributed to the Nolan prestigious history.”

Erwann Le Ligné, Managing Director – Member of the Eurazeo PME Board of Directors: “As announced at the time of our association last year with 2 Ride Holding Group management team, such combination with Nolan Group confirms our shared ambition to double in size over the next five years in Europe and out of Europe. Such transaction will be supported with continuous efforts in innovation and will strengthen both entities in their international development.”

Angèle Faugier, Member of the Executive Board – Naxicap Partners: “Shark and Nolan are two very well-known and respected motorcycle brands in Europe and all over the world. Following many years of growth and development with 2 Ride holding Group, we are excited to lend our support to this next stage.”

Advisors to the transaction:

2 Ride Holding advisors:

Nolan Group’s advisors:

About the 2 Ride Holding Group

2 Ride Holding Group is specialized in equipping “Riders” in all types of markets. The Group’s development is supported by a strong capacity to innovate, leading to enhanced performance, new features and improved safety.

Buoyed by its “Motorcycle” division and showcasing 4 complementary, high-profile brands (namely SHARK, Bering, Bagster and Segura), the Group has become a global market leader with a full range of accessories for motorcyclists (helmets, leather goods, clothing, luggage, saddlery, etc.). 2RH has further expanded its product portfolio in 2016 with the integration of Cairn accessories brand (ski and bike helmets, etc.) and clearly demonstrated a desire to develop beyond the motorcycle segment.

About NOLAN group

Nolan group is an Italian company which was founded in 1972. The company has earned its place in the market through its commitment to safety and quality, and its drive for innovation. NOLAN group is currently the only company in the sector to produce all of its helmets in Italy through a fully-integrated production process, from the receiving of the raw materials to the final assembly of the product. It is one of the largest manufacturer of helmets in Europe, with over 400,000 helmets manufactured per year, and a team of 360 people working in a single location.

Founded almost 50 years ago in Italy, the NOLAN group produces helmets under the brand names Nolan and Grex, as well as X-lite brand. These brands are joined by N-Com, an internal division dedicated to the development of communication systems.

About Eurazeo PME

Subsidiary of Eurazeo, Eurazeo PME is an investment company dedicated to majority investments in French SMEs with a value of under €250 million. As a long-term professional shareholder, it provides its investments with all the financial, human and organizational resources necessary for long-term change, and supports those companies in its portfolio in implementing sustainable and therefore responsible growth. This commitment is formalized and deployed through a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Eurazeo PME achieved a consolidated turnover of €1.3 billion in 2018 and supports the development of the following companies: 2Ride Holding, Dessange International, Léon de Bruxelles, Péters Surgical, Redspher, the MK Direct Group, Orolia, Smile, In’Tech Medical, Vitaprotech and EFESO Consulting. These companies are solidly established within their market and driven by experienced management teams.

About Naxicap

One of France’s leading private equity companies, NAXICAP Partners totals 3,2 billion euros of capital under management. A committed and responsible investor, NAXICAP Partners builds solid and constructive partnerships with entrepreneurs for the success of their projects. The company has 40 investment professionals and 4 offices in France: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Nantes.